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As physicians, we experience that a lot of patients are insufficiently informed about their illness. Many patients don't really understand the anatomical relationships of the affected organ or the pathological changes caused by the illness. For such patients, surgical or interventional therapy remains a black box. And as with most unknowns, this uncertainty triggers anxiety. There is compelling evidence in psychological and medical science that anxiety directly affects medical outcome. Not only in the short term but also on the long run. We believe that enhancing our patients' understanding of disease and treatment may reduce anxiety and incertitude. We believe that an informed patient will have greater self-confidence, a higher acceptance of the therapy and a more favorable postoperative course.

We want to launch the first site on the internet which explains illnesses and procedures by using high-end technology. While text is an appropriate medium for books and brochures, the internet can make use of multiple types of media, including films, images and sound. The site will be international. We want to inform patients, relatives or even interested people with high resolution 3D animation because it is so effective at making complicated things more clear. By concentrating on the essentials, people without any medical or scientific background can gain an understanding of the fundamental relationships. We maintain scientific accuracy and adhere to current medical guidelines. We do not emphasize a particular therapy or product. We are not influenced by medical manufacturers or the pharmaceutical industry.

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